Peter Zieve – 4 Key Reasons Why Young People Should Travel


Most people love to travel once in a while. You could be one of them. It allows you to get away from the mundane of daily life and its stressors. However, it is not always possible for you to ignore your priorities and responsibilities to embark on such a journey. If you can do so, the experience can open up your mind to new places and cultures. This is gives give a better understand of the people who inhabit this unique planet. You get a better insight into the human race. At times, taking the initiative to pack your bags gives you the opportunity to come out of your comfort zone.

Peter Zieve – Why should young people travel?

Peter Zieve is the Chief Executive Officer, founder and President of Electroimpact, Inc. Experts say this organization to one of the best engineering companies in America. Since its inception in 1986, this corporate enterprise has become the leader in the aviation industry. Its products are sought-after by all the major airlines in the world. Now, the establishment expanding its operations in the area of space exploration. No wonder it is a popular choice for graduates who want to excel in this field. The company is also known for its philanthropic activities among the local community. In fact, Dr. Zieve has the distinction of being the inventor of Low Voltage Electromagnetic Riveter while pursuing his doctorate degree. Today, he is seeking election to public office and hope to be a representative of the people of Mukilteo.

He points out the following 4 important reasons why you should travel whenever you get the chance to do so:

  1. Puts your life’s aims into prospective

Travels helps to open up your mind. You are able to set aside the stressors in your life for a short period. It gives you the opportunity to look at this planet from an entirely different view. This can give you a better insight into what is important to you. This change can take you on a different path.

  1. Discover new places and pursue new interests

You pack your bags and embark on a journey, you get to understand how people in other cultures live. You can even learn many new things and hobbies from them. This helps to broaden your mind. You also get a better appreciation of what makes human beings so unique.

  1. Gives you a better appreciation of your home and people you love

When you are away from the people you love, you begin to understand their importance in your life. You being to realize your differences with them are trivial. You start to miss them. You wish they are by your side on your journeys.  This gives you a better appreciation of your home.

  1. Food

Everyone loves to try out new cuisines once in a while. You are not an exception to this rule. It gives you the opportunity to try something different from mundane meals you eat every day.

Traveling can broaden your horizons. Peter Zieve says it allows you to come out of your comfort zone and explore the world. The above 4 reasons should convince of this fact. You get to learn about new places and cultures. The experience can change for the better. It also helps you to appreciate human life.


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