Machine learning an overview of the learned computers

Machine learning an overview of the learned computers

Machine learning is beginning to restructure the way we live today, let’s understand what it is and where it’s used. There are endless machines we are surrounded with.

Machine learning is an application of computer science and artificial intelligence, in particular, that assures the self-learning of the system that implements it. Machine learning emphases on developing a program that has the ability to use the data and learn automatically, by accessing the information and data provided to it. Nowadays people use AI and ML to communicate in their daily lives, be it computers, laptops or smartphones. To understand it better let’s look at where it applied.

Application and usage of machine learning

ML or machine learning is used in many areas be it self-driving cars or instant translation machines.

  • They are used in the applications which show us the traffic updates using the real-time traffic data and GPS navigation.
  • Virtual personal assistants like Siri, Alexa, Google now are all ML applications that use real-time
  • Its used while booking cabs or transportation instantly. The application uses the data about distance time etc. and payment it
  • It is used in social media interaction and services like Facebook Pinterest; the ML notices the friends you interact with and connect to them.
  • Google and different search engines use ML to refine and improve the search.

The best machine learning companies provide innovative ways to apply machine learning.

Categories of Machine learning algorithms

The machine learning algorithms are majorly categorised as supervised and unsupervised. Supervised method of machine learning uses the past data that was already learned and applies it to the new data to predict future events. It uses labelled examples to predict the output. We can think of an example where given a set of data the ML can predict the house price. Unlike supervised ML, unsupervised machine learning methods are used when the information used is not labelled or classified. The system doesn’t predict the output but using the given data; it can only make interpretations. Apart from these categories, there is something called semi-supervised machine learning. This comes between supervised and unsupervised ML. It uses both labelled and unlabeled data. There is another category called the reinforcement machine learning algorithms. In this method, the program interacts with the environment by producing the action along with errors or rewards.

Prerequisite for the working of ML applications

There are a few prerequisite conditions that are required to be satisfied before the machine learning algorithm can be applied.

  • To apply ML to any particular system the amount if data needs to be vast.
  • To describe the behaviour of a problem, machine learning has to infer from the data and perform structured learning giving a resultant mathematical approx. solution.
  • There must be an existing pattern in the input data that would help to conclude.

Some of the best programming languages that are used by machine learning companies in India and other countries to develop machine learning are Python, Java, R, C, C++, Scala, Julia, JavaScript.


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