The north of Bangalore has seen a major amount of development in the last couple of years. In the period mentioned, there has been so much of change due to a number of factors like higher demand for both residential and commercial space. The airport is also not much of a distance away and because of the availability of huge parcels of land, there are loads of villas in north Bangalore which also include a number of villas near Bangalore airport.

For a lot of people, staying in a gated villa is the way to go about things while some choose to live differently for their own reasons. There are a lot of factors which make people decide for or against living in a gated community. Listed below are the basic advantages and disadvantages of staying in gated villas.

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  • Privacy and exclusivityProbably the primary things which come to mind when associating with buying a villa. After all, the extra cost of these properties is meant for things like this which a lot of other types of residential accommodations do not provide. Given the manner in which the population is increasing as is the number of residential options, it is a different feeling to actually have a personalised feeling at home by staying in one of the gated villas in north Bangalore.
  • Better security-The general trend nowadays is that most of the top end homes also get security guards whose skills are worthy of such properties. Previously, while the quality of the homes would be good, the same would not always be said about the security guards or the level of their skills. With living options becoming trendier and funky, a higher level of security is definitely needed- if not for anything then to operate some of the electronic devices that are around. There are lots of villas for sale in north Bangalore which boast of the highest quality security systems.
  • Amenities-Gone are the days when amenities meant basics like a community room or a health and fitness room. Some of the amenities that come with a number of high end living options are things which people would never have associated with everyday living not too long back. Villa projects near Devanahalli Bangalore are considered to have some of the latest and finest offerings in this line. These also save the time and hassle of going someplace else for the same purpose. Normally, there are a number of recreational options for the younger ones as well.
  • Natural feel-The fact that gated villas come with good landscaping means that there is always that element of feeling close to nature and being right in the midst of it. Having greenery all around you is definitely meant to be a luxury in today’s day and age when some of the more prominent things around are buildings and pollution all around.
  • Scarcity value-One thing about villas is that it enjoys a slightly higher appreciation rate as compared to other properties which have more common features and especially design/layout. This is one of the better reasons to pay that extra amount to secure a villa of your own.

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Property cost-There is no doubt that when it comes to buying a villa, the cost factor is something which often turns the prospective buyer away. Though the things that come with these villas are part of the reason of the high cost, lot of people do not see the need for so many extra frills for thrills and look elsewhere for more cost effective properties. Some of the villas in Yelahanka are considered to be among the better value properties.

Maintenance costs-This is also in line with the above mentioned point. Given that the overall quality of things are of a better standard in these types of residences, the costs towards these is also on the higher side. Even roads inside these gated communities are considered private and any repairs, etc. will have to be paid for by the residents.

Resale factor-While the cost of such a property usually goes up a bit more because of being a unique property type, the fact remains that it is also usually tougher to resell because of lower demand for such property types.

When it comes to villas nowadays, it is not as niche as it used to be considered at a point of time. With a bit of careful planning, one can buy a villa with less of a financial burden as it would have been not very long back. If the cost of the property can be handled, there are a lot of things to look forward to which others will not experience.


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