Larry Moskowitz – Why Should Painters Be Patient and Passionate About Art


Painters have the ability to woo the world with their outstanding sense of drawing and painting skills. Some artists often go the extra mile to create exceptional pieces of art that inspire millions of people across the world. Artists have the ability to create, and the two driving forces that make them create is passion and patience.

Larry Moskowitz – How passion fuels the power of creation

Larry Moskowitz is a talented photographer, artist, and traveler who lives in New York, USA. He loves painting, digital art, and papercraft projects. He says that his mom and dad encouraged him when young to paint. Since then he has been busy creating some amazing pieces of art. He says that in order to create and produce new artwork one has to be passionate. The desire to complete one painting and start on another arises out of this passion. If an artist is not dedicated or passionate towards art, exceptional artwork cannot be produced. For instance, there are eminent artists in the USA like Peter Max who have been creating outstanding pieces of pop artwork for five decades. Passion is the only reason that inspires such artists to create outstanding paintings for the world. If you check the Facebook profile of prominent artists of the world, you will find they are always completing one project and starting on new ones soon after!

How does patience work for artists and painters?

Patience is another quality that artists and painters should possess. A work of art is often not completed in a single day. Some paintings might take days, weeks or even months. It is here artists should be patient. Good artists always devote their attention to completing one project first before they start on another project. Good artists strive to improve their skills. They work on their artwork and try to do better in their next projects. In short, they are never satisfied with one piece of art. They love to create and have the desire to make the present piece better than their previous work.

Blending imagination with reality

Art for a good artist is an adventurous journey. The journey starts with the idea that becomes the focal point of the artwork. Putting one’s imagination on canvas is sure not an easy task, and it is here artists should always strive to make themselves better with practice.

Larry Moskowitz loves to paint and excel in different forms of art. He stole attention and gathered appreciation with stunning paintings at major exhibitions in the USA. He says that artists are disciplined and they often master the fundamentals of art and paintings with their creative skills. Being an artist means one needs to be observant all the time. One never knows what or who could be the inspiration for the next work of art. Agents of museums and galleries are always on the lookout for good artists. If one has the desire to paint and draw, he or she can become an exceptional artist with an undying passion for visual arts and patience to complete one’s work with success!


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