Knowing Editorial Photography from Professional Photographer Charles Nucci

Knowing Editorial Photography from Professional Photographer CharlesNucci

Building your portfolio as a professional photograph is best brought to the fore by being associated with editorial photography. Charles Nucci from San Francisco, is a professional editorial photographer who has a carved a niche for himself in the industry with his 15 years of experience. He specializes in product and advertising photography as well and has gained incredible familiarity with the subject of photography.

Editorial photography comes with its own perks of allowing a lot of travel, working with some of the best names in the fashion industry and working with a lot of real people too. If you are n already established photographer then you can expect your transition to this format of photography to be rather easy, but at the same time it is quite challenging to be able to put to use all the information you have on the subject, practically. You could use the following few points while doing an editorial photograph shoot at your studio or elsewhere.

  1. Get to know the article for which your photo will be used as well as you can; in fact even if the article has already been completed, you should a reading of the same so that you can completely absorb the essence of the article that needs to be brought out through the photograph.
  2. You should remember that your photograph is being utilized alongside an article to compliment it, so knowing the write up thoroughly helps you to set the mood for the photograph. In case, there is the mention of any object in the article that you think you should focus only you should make sure the client makes that available for you to take a click of.
  3. The orientation of a photograph of this category needs to be perfect, hence make sure you have cleared out all doubts regarding the same while working on it. Some editors actually have a plan pertaining to the layout of the content in a certain way, so you should ensure that the interests and intentions of the client are both catered to.
  4. In case, you have some magazine work in hand, professionals like Charles Nucci would suggest that you take some vertical photos, exclusively for the cover.
  5. Keep even the little details in mind while working because every little detail in a photograph can make massive effects on it.
  6. Often when shooting photographs for magazines, the size of the photo becomes big enough for it to bleed from the selected page, thus rendering a not so pleasing view. This can be efficiently by taking a step back while you click the photograph and allow enough borders for the snap.
  7. Selecting your model after you have understood the briefing from the client should be very thoughtful and careful, depending on the requirements of the magazine. Along with that you need to be understanding of who are you are shooting. Putting your model at ease during the shoot is the sign of an able photographer.


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