Jeff Breault- Handling Stress and Expectations at Car Racing Tournaments

Jeff Breault- Handling Stress and Expectations at Car Racing Tournaments

Jeff Breault is passionate about racing cars and automotive racing events. He is the Vice President of Thomas, Hoover & Breault brokerage firm in Wichita, USA and is fond of country music too. When it comes to professional car racing, he says that drivers undergo a lot of stress and pressure as the competition in the field is quite high. Even newcomers become overwhelmed with the competition in the industry; however, with expert guidance and advice; you can overcome the stress and becoming a successful car racing specialist in the field. Now, the question is how?

Handle stress by keeping your expectations real

Unrealistic expectations take a toll on your mind and body says, Jeffery Breault. So, be practical and keep your expectations real. You know what you are capable of. Focus more on practice sessions. Make a list of your weak points and with the help of a coach, make sure you work on them with patience. The sooner you start working on your weak areas, the stronger you emerge as a car racing professional. If you master your weaknesses, you are able to become more confident in the field of car racing, and this gives you a strategic edge over others as well.

Work on track knowledge and vision

Working on track knowledge and vision are crucial before any event or tournament. If possible, you should visit the racing track to get an idea about it. You should take a piece of paper and note the turns and corners. If possible, draw a picture of the track so that you have a mental note of it when you are racing. The second important factor you must take into consideration is the vision. This does not mean or indicate working on your eyesight. It means you need to look beyond the track when you are racing the car so that you effectively are able to make the right choices at the correct time.

Get sufficient rest and sleep

In order to combat the stress and pressure, sleep and adequate rest are vital for your performance. This will take off the pressure and largely help you to focus on clarity. When it comes to sleep, make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep. Rest between practice sessions and focus your attention on healthy activities like reading, taking expert tips from your coach, etc.

Jeff Breault says along with rest and sleep, it is vital for you to take the right food. This helps you to combat stress as well. Do not indulge in any form of alcohol or substance abuse. Make sure you drink lots of water and stay hydrated. Consume fruits and fresh vegetables instead of junk fried food. These small food tips go a very long way in improving your performance. Remember, before you finally step out on the track, take something to eat. Your energy levels will be high, and you can successfully overcome the stress and pressures of racing cars on tracks with success!


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