How to recover from a liver transplant in an easy manner

How to recover from a liver transplant in an easy manner

In case if you are suffering from any type of liver disease then it is a cause of worry. Here you would need a liver transplant in order to survive. The survival rates are higher in the first 3 months of transplant that increases more in the days to come. If you wait for more than 3 years the chances of survival goes on to reduce by a considerable margin. So if you happen to need a liver transplant and if you are more than lucky to find a donor, then you are in a position to endure a faster recovery process as well. Now we will try and explore the various phases of recovery as well.

Medical recovery

Patients are expected to stay in the hospital for close to 14 days. Then start off the process by being in the ICU and then you will be transferring them to the general ward. The medical team is going to work round the clock and try to find out whether the liver is working properly. This would mean no form of bleeding, infection or for the matter rejection has to occur. Medicines will be taken so that the immune system is enhanced so that the implanted liver is not prone to any attack. Here the point is that you would need to consume all these drugs for the rest of your life. In order to reduce the risk of complications the doctor may provide you with another dose of drugs. It is suggested that you stay here to the transplant clinic once the surgery is over. The reason being that the doctors are in a better position to monitor your progress during this phase.

Physical recovery

As far as the physical recovery from a surgery evolves it is going to take around 6 to 12 weeks. At the starting phase it may be difficult for you to things like coughing or sneezing. But in the midst of all this you will have physical therapist you will be there with you. As part of the diet it is going to start with ice chips and then liquids before solid foods take over in due course of time. Do stay away from drinks or smoking at this point of time as well. If you are into all this it delays the process of recovery. Do stay away from the strong rays of the sun at the same time. At the same time do keep away from people who are ill and are constantly showing signs of infection as well.

Emotional recovery

An emotional course of recovery happens to be the most taxing time for both the patient along with the family at this point of time. it is suggested that you join support groups who can guide you through the process at this point of time as well. Here you can come across a lot of online resources that might come to your help as well.

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