Gangster Vegas – latest action games like GTA for Android


You can start to get tired of playing Grand Theft Auto and look for the same new game you can try, so Gangster Vegas is probably what you’re looking for. This series is a continuation of the Gangster series, previously available for Android and iOS. Although Grand Theft Auto is a great game, at some point you may want to see and play something else, with similar themes and action. If you like an action game, as well as a game similar to mobsters, now you can prepare your Android device and get ready to shoot someone on your smartphone. Let’s see what the game offers next.


Gangster Vegas takes the name of Vegas City along with a new action and a more challenging task that you will do with an unfortunate punk name Jason. Jason organizes street battles in Las Vegas, and one day, when he is defeated, he can win suddenly. Because of this, the mafia that bets in this game is angry, like an angry bird, started looking for Jason and then tried to kill him. After that, Jason met a girl named Vencia, who promised to save him from the crowd, but the offer was not entirely free, because there is probably nothing free today. Therefore, your trip begins with the completion of work through a random stranger to survive in Las Vegas.

Gameplay is an action game and open-world adventures inspired by a great car robbery where you can steal a car, shoot people and do what you want. There are several tasks that can be done in the city, for example, fighting one by one for street fighting, stealing a helicopter and landing it in a building, and much more. In this game you can find 2 types of missions, which are the main mission where you can complete a story or an exciting secondary mission. This gta san andreas download is actually much more random than the ordinally GTA, since it is not necessary to go to a specific place to complete the mission, you can quickly click on the mission and complete it automatically.

The graphics of this game are excellent, with a complete three-dimensional environment and character. The map is quite large, so you have many opportunities to explore the use of your stolen car. You will get a level when you progress, and your character may have more skills to help you complete the mission. For smartphones, the game Gangster Vegas is quite impressive, as it provides first class graphics, as well as a console experience with your mobile phone. If interested, you can get a game on Google Play for cheap when you could try here.


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