Effective Tips to Prepare for the GRE


GRE stands for ‘General Record Examination,’ andit is said to be perhaps one of the most difficult exams taken by a candidate to get admitted into the few top universities across the globe. This exam evaluates the verbal, mathematical, and logical ability of each student who takes up the exam. It is a computer-based examination. Aspirants who want to do MBA, MS or any other higher education can apply for this exam.

This exam may appear tough to crack. But, it is not impossible to clear it. There are many GRE prep courses in Singapore which are guiding the GRE aspirants towards success. In this article, I am going to give some preparation tips for the GRE.

  • Creating a plan

The first thing to do before starting any kind of preparation is to plan. Chalk out the way you want to study. It is always good to be strong with your basics, and then you could slowly build your subject knowledge with some extra effort. Find out your weak areas and work on it. Make sure you keep aside enough time to work on your homework and rehearse. So, are you ready to plan?

  • Choosing the study material

Once you have created your plan, the next thing to do would be to study. ‘Study’ is just a word but you need to give it a meaning. “Study” for your future.You are bound to find innumerable books stocked away in every nook and corner of the market. But you need to pick up the ones which are easy to understand. And then go for those books which have tough problems to solve. Start with simple things. First, understand the concept, solve some examples then go for the bigger problems. Take tests to check where you are lacking.

  • Don’t take quant lightly

Quant is a subject which might appear easy at first but is deceptive. It is not like maths. If you are a logical person you can crack this easily.

Analyse the question and then answer. Make your own strategy to solve such questions. This will help you to solve the problems during the exam.

  • Focus on analytical writing

The analytical writing section in GRE tests the writing skills of the students. If you write this section well, it will help you to boost your GRE score. So, prepare well for this section also. Prepare two or three general essays. Take the grammar check to find out your mistakes and then work accordingly. The topic asked in the examination is usually general so you can write it the way you want and bring in your thoughts about it.

These are some of the tips which can help you get closer to your goal of clearing GRE. There are many GRE prep tutors in Singapore who are pushing students to work harder and make their preparation stronger. Dedicate your time to study and keep on solving the problems. So, what are you waiting for? Start studying today for a bright future.


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