All You Should Know About Kamotto Lifestyle Products

All You Should Know About Kamotto Lifestyle Products

Kamotto is a lifestyle and fashion brand based in Australia that deals with the sale of premium and exceptionally designed European labels. It started sometime in 2006. It’s owned and run by Caroline Khelaifia, an Australia’s top fashion enthusiast.  Having more than 20 years of experience dealing with designs, fabrics, and colors, Caroline Khelaifia is highly spirited into providing top fashion products that are in line with Australia’s latest fashion designs and styles.

Caroline is from a lineage of designers and fashion specialists. Her grandmother, for instance, was a well-known dressmaker in France back in the 1960s. He was so popular such that she created her own studio in Grenoble.  Here Italian mom is model and stylist who operates most from Morgan Paris. That clearly means that Caroline was destined to be a stylish right from birth.

Kamotto History

Kamotto isn’t a new brand. It has been operating for more than 10 years now. Caroline’s story dates back to 1994 when she shifted to Melbourne in Australia from France and took modeling as a career. Although it was a short-term holiday, it turned into a permanent shift after she initiated several successful businesses. One of the businesses that did really well was the fashion retail store she initiated in Melbourne that dealt with the sale of fashion designing and jewelry products. She was also dealing with styling video music.  After operating for some time and discovering that her business was doing really well, she partnered with some of the most credible Australian players in the wholesale and distribution of fashion products and that’s how Kamotto was born.

Following her success in the business world, she finally decided to settle in Melbourne permanently. Caroline is a smart and well-informed fashion and style specialist who has an in-depth knowledge of the world’s fashion industry. Her involvement in the industry has made her an industry guru who knows almost everything about the fashion industry. She always dedicates into the provision of highly valuable and customized customer services.

Why Invest In Kamotto Lifestyle Products

Kamotto is a well-known importer and supplier of lifestyle products Australia.  They source and sell European and French labels that meet the latest fabric diversity, style and the preferred Australian and Zealand textures. Among these are bi-matiere and two-material designs that have a strong and timeless theme.

Great Reputation

Kamotto is an established and reputable fashion brand.  We are widely known for our consistency and honesty. Also, we are incomparable when it comes to flexibility as we are always updating our stock and keeping in line with the latest fashion styles and designs.

Great Innovation

Kamotto is a team of innovators. We are always committed to offering innovative and unique fashion labels. All our labels are extensive and in plenty all over Australia.

Relaxed and Cool Showrooms

Our Melbourne showroom is friendly, professional and cool. We have taken great care of all aspects of professional marketing and distribution, and brand management. All these have helped us to build a strong network of agents and distributors all over Zealand and Australia.

Great Prices and Quality

We are always dedicated to providing our customers with stylish and unique apparel at the best market prices. We pride to have in stock more than 250 designs per label.  Our customer services are properly customized to everyone’s specifications and needs.


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